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LIFE CHANGES final chapter

Title : Life Changes
Author :tanya_chan7
Pairing :  Ryoda
Genre : Romance
Rating :PG13
Summary : He lived a happy life except for the fact that he couldn’t have the one he loves in his arms.

After closing the dor Yamapi went home with a happy smile on his face knowing that Erika is married with
Ryo that means HIS TATSUYA FINALLY STOOD A CHaNCE. He will talk to Ryo tomorrow

Yamapi called Ryo in the morning to meet at a cafe
-Hello i;m glad you could make it
- It is about Tatsuya?
-Yes please read this file
After reading the file Ryo is intrigued- Erika told me that Tatsuya can’t be cured
-She can but she doesn’t want him to be cured
-Why?? he is her son..
Since she didn’t want him to be cured we could not start with the treatment but now we can and all you need to do is sign the paper. Ryo signed the papers and they chated more for a whille then ryo went home.
Tat-chan I’”m back!!


-What a pretty guy you have!!
-It is my son Tatsuya
-He is cute can I meet him? Mika , Erika ‘s new secretary asked
-No you can’t!! he is curently ill
-Go do your joob !!
Erika stood there looking at her son picture , the person she despiced the most from this wold
I’m glad you are broken Tatsuya!!! now you can;t steal anybody’s love from me!!


Tatsuya was send for the treatement in Osaka and Ryo followed him.
After only a week Tatsuya progresed quiqly and in a month he regained the mentality of a man at his age , but he didn’t have much memory. He remebered Yamapi , Ryo Erika but his memories of them vere very vagues .
Ryo is thinking why Erika told him that Tatsuya could not be cured when it took only a month to recover. Also he was falling more and more in love with the boy. He discovered a shy guy who loves nature and reading. Who is so kind and smart and can be so sadic sometimes but he loved all of him not knowing he wasn’t the only one, Yamapi also loved Tatsuya he trought that after the recovery he will lose him because of what he did in the past but Ttsuya didn’t remeber that before loving him he was Erika ‘s lover when Ueda san was living that Erika hired him as her asistant so they could be close in her house , there he meet Tatsuya his angel. They falled in love and Yamapi dumped Erika for Tatsuya .
He trought that he will be happy but Erika started to hate Tatsuya and to treat him badly
It hurt Yamapi because he knew it was his fault .

YOU!! I should aborted you!! I should killed you when you wewrw in my belly...You are the reason I’m so unfortunate You deserve to die in pain yOU stolle everything from me..the love of your father the love of Yamapi!!!Yes you didn’t know he was mine before you took him away he loved me not you....Tatsuya woke up from his dream sweating now regaining his full memories.

The doctors said Tatsuya can leave so Ryo went to pick him up.

-C’m0n lets get you home
-I’’m not going there I told Yamapi to come for me I will live with him for awile
-Why?? Tatsuya I can take better care of you come with me!!
-I remebered what you did to me when I was in that state and you are my mother husband!
-What?? If you remember that you know that I love you!!!
-But I DON’T !!! for me you are my mother husband ..
Tastuya walked away “I won’t do this again I won;t steal anything from her anymore even if I love you Ryo’’
After everything that hapened Ryo called Erika informed her what hapened and asked for divorce.
Tatsuya has been living alone for three months now he moved to Hokkaido were he opened a small cafe.
Ryo found out from Yamapi that Ttsuya loves him and they never lived togheter. So he started to look from him.
WHEN Tatsuya was serving in the cafe Ryo apeared
-What are you doing here?
And he kissed Tatsuya ..- I know you think i belong to somebody else and that you are stealing but that isn’’t true I belong where my heart is, and my heart is with you!
@@@@@@@@@@@ the    end  @@@@@@@@@

I wrote this chapter for aommy_tatchan because she told me she was sad that there are not ryoda fics anymore and I wantwd to make her happy...I know my stories lack something and that is because iM not a good writter I cant expres in paper what I THINK ..i’m better as a reader :)))

Life Changes part 3

Title : Life Changes
Author :tanya_chan7
Pairing :  Ryoda
Genre : Romance
Rating :PG13
Summary : He lived a happy life except for the fact that he couldn’t have the one he loves in his arms.

While Erika was in America, Ryo was falling more and more deeply in love with his stepson.

                             ^___^   ^____^

After the magic night Ryo woke up  feeling ashamed that he took advantage of a child even trought that child was one year older than he. Seeing that Tatsuya didn't realizethe gravity of the problem he decided to pretend that the accident didn't happen.

In the next morning Ryo had to take Tatsuya to his special classes. When he got home he felt asleep thinking about everything that is happening in his mind and heart. He woke up when the doorbell rang, he went to open the door and what he saw got his mind full of rage. HIS Tat-chan is holding hand with a man. He pulls Tatsuya in the house and asks in a angry tone

-Who the hell are you and why were you holding his hand????

-Ryo you are??? I'm his teacher and I brought Tat-chan home because nobody was to take him

-Yes do we know each other?

-I'm Yamapi, whe went to high-school together. Don't you remember me?

-Pi?? man I didn't see you for ages, what happened?

-Well it’s a long story.. but what are you doing in Ueda house?

-I got married with Erika a year ago

-Well then maybe you’ll be my father in law said Yamapi laughing

-WHAT??? Ryo’s face is full of rage and shock

-Chill man that was a long story it didn’t work out between us, I still care about him but I’m resigned

-Wait? Tatsuya is gay?

-Yes I thought that you knew about that…Well I have to go I hope we can catch up some day bye

-Yes, sure bye

-Bye Pi, Tatsuya kisses Yamapi on the cheek…seeing the scene in front of him Ryo boils in jealousy

After closing the door  Ryo can’t stop thinking about what he heard

So Tat-chan is gay and he was in a relationship with Pi, who was my friend from high-school .Maybe knowing that Tatsuya is gay helped him build his courage to try a win the boy heart.
How could I fight to win this boy when he has the body of an adult and hell what body but the mind of a child...but A child couldn;t be that good in bed..that reminded him that this was not the first time for tatsuya he wondered if his relationship with Pi was enough serious to go  further...that trought is making him crazy. I don't whant you to be sombody's else lover just MINE he yelled in his mind and hit a wall.

life changes part 2

Title : life changes
Author :tanya_chan7
Pairing :  Ryoda
Genre : Romance
Rating :PG13
Summary : He lived a happy life except for the fact that he couldn’t have the one he loves in his arms.

-I have to go in America for a business trip. I’m sorry because since we got married we barely spend some time gomene

-Don’t worry I understand. Ryo is glad that he won’t see her for a while

-Mama mama me to wanna go!

-Sorry honey but mama has work to do so I  can’t take you with me, says Erica kissing her son forehead

Upon seeing the sad face of his step son Ryo feels the need to cheer him up.

-Ne Tatchan wanna go buy ice cream?

-Yay ice cream wanna wanna! says a very happy-face Tatchan

Ryo can help but smile at the latter antics...seeing Ryo and Tatchan happy smiles Erica can't help not to be happy because the most important persons in her life are happy.

-Now I really have to go or I'll miss the plane. Erica kisses Ryo and gets in to the car…

-Papa can I have a kiss to? says Tatchan after seeing his mother kissing Ryo

Ryo breath stopped because of what Tatchan sayd but complied the latter wish. He started kissing felling the latter responding eager to the kiss he can help but think if the latter kissed before the accident because it was damn good. Ryo stopped the kiss when he felt the heat going in his pants in a private area. Both were panting for air and when their eyes meet Ryo felt his heart going to explode.

-Papa wanna ice cream now lets go! says Tatchan cutely grabbing Ryo's hand and dragging him out of the house to the store.


-Hello Jin I have a problem!

-I think you have it's 3 in the morning what the hell man! yelled Jin

-I'm in love with my son! says Ryo felling desperated

-WHAT? but you don't have a son!

-Baka! its not mine its Erica son remember Tatsuya?

-O yeah the fairy.. man I don't blame you he's hot

-He is my wife son! Yelled Ryo

-So what its not like you love her and I doubt you have slept with her she may be attractive at her age but I doubt that she can face your libido

Ryo closed the phone thinking about what Jin said in a moment his bedroom door opened reviling the cause of his problems. Tatchan entered the bedroom slowly with teary eyes, upon seing the latter teary eyes he asked what happened. Tatchan got rid of his pants

-Papa it hurts and it wont go down!

Ryo was shocked when saw the hard-on his son was having

-Don't worry Tatchan I will help you says Ryo starting to kiss and touch Tatchan. He undressed the latter naked, Tatchan felling his papa staring at him started to blush asking Ryo to stop starring but Ryo couldn't stop staring seeing the most sexy cute beautiful human in his arms. Tatsuya saw that only he was naked and started to undress Ryo by instinct, act witch surprised Ryo who decided to help getting himself undressed...soon both were naked and kissing and touching and felling.

That night became special for both of them and Ryo decided that he will fight for Tatsuya no matter what and will make Tatsuya love him without knowing that Tatsuya started to have feelings for him.

fic: Life changes part 1

Title : life changes
Author :tanya_chan7
Pairing :  Ryoda
Genre : Romance
Rating :PG13
Summary : He lived a happy life except for the fact that he couldn’t have the one he loves in his arms.

I was poor so I married an old wealthy woman after a week since I meet her. I didn’t love her but I was sick of my life as a poor man and she gave me the perfect opportunity to have a great life.


Erika was sitting in an expensive restaurant waiting for him to arrive. She was really nervous, she told her husband that she has something to say to him and to meet her at 8 in the restaurant they meet and were they fall in love. He finally arrived being half a hour late, he looked hot as always”-Sorry I’m late the traffic was…u know”

-Yes love I understand.

-Soo….what was that important thing that you want to tell me!?

-U know I didn’t have the opportunity to tell you some things of my life I mean we married so fast and just… I didn’t find the right time…

-It’s ok honey I understand” Ryo gave Erika a look that he carried but in truth he didn’t care at all he was just happy that for now on he will live in luxury.

-Well I have a son and he’s one year older than you…

-WHAT!? You have a son and didn’t tell me!?” Ryo was angry because that meant that he would have to share with that man the money after the old bitch dies

-Love please calm down and listen to me ok? Erika tried to calm Ryo down


-His name it’s Ueda Tatsuya and….she had tears in her eyes as she spoke the next words” after an accident in witch my husband, his father died he had o big shock because he loved his father a lot and for that day he started behaving like a child…I went to a lot of doctors and they say that my baby my Tat-chan will cure in time and that they could do noting to help him….she was crying when she finished the story. Ryo embraced her and saying that he understands and everything will be ok.


They arrived in Japan and it was time for Ryo to meet his stepson. He opened the door and let Erika walk in him right behind her, they were in the living room when she called Tat-chan to come” I was really nervous to meet him and when he appeared my breath stuck…he was beautiful his angelic expression that shoved curiosity those big brown eyes his raven hair….Tat-chan meet Ryo-chan he will be your best friend for now ok?

-Hai Ryo-chan lets play” Tat-chan dragged Ryo in the yard to play with him.


Because Tatsuya didn’t like big houses and a lot of people they didn’t have maids and a huge house and Ryo was the one who took care of Tatsuya. As the days passed Ryo was falling in love with his stepson he became very protective of him and when his friend hugged him or kissed his cheeks he would be very angry, he knew that but he tried to ignore his desire to kiss those full soft lips to hold that fragile body next to his…

Time passed and became a year since Ryo life changed. He lived you can say a happy life except for the fact that he couldn’t have the one he loves in his arms.

Erika left in America because they were some problems with the company and Ryo remained alone with Tatsuya in the house for 6 months.